East Coast Carrot Cake

In my last post I talked about cookbooks, and how you can always tell which page is the most used by the stains. This recipe has stains and marks all over the page, for two reasons. One, because it is an amazingly moist and delicious cake, the other because it is an old family recipe….

My Country Kitchen Must-haves – Best Gluten-free Cookbooks

Hello! And welcome back to my country kitchen! It has been so long since I’ve posted. Way too long. I had several projects that needed tweaking, some are still a work in progress, but I am back and ready to be posting again! **This post contains affiliate links, and as an Amazon Associate, I earn…

5 Weeknight Gluten-Free Meals on a Budget

Good afternoon! Yes, it has been ages since I posted last. Life took off and I just had to go along with it while holding on to dear life. Now that I reigned everything in a little bit, we can get back to our posting! Let’s face it, gluten-free foods break the bank. Anything that…

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

We have made a lot of muffins in my kitchen; even the Easy Add-In Anything Muffins that I posted a few weeks ago. For gluten-free muffins, there is not a whole lot good about them. They get dry, they are heavy and sometimes tasteless. We’ve made banana muffins before, and they were nothing special, but…

Zesty Lemon Bars

Welcome back to my kitchen! Today is all about a bright fruit…lemons! We are in the dead of winter here in Wisconsin; we have had freezing temps with -30-degree wind chill. So, something bright is just what we need to beat the winter blues. Lemons give such a bright and cheerful flavor, and they can…

The Heart of the Home – My Gluten-Free Pantry

Good Morning! The first strongest memory I have of the kitchen is the giant farmhouse kitchen. We rented a house on a cow farm when I was five-years-old. The kitchen was unique, as it had the sink in a closet type room off the kitchen, and then everything else was combined as kitchen and dining….

Cranberry Orange Bread

The baking of gluten-free bead can be a challenge. We have discovered that if we bake bread in a heavier pan dish, it doesn’t bake in the middle. It always tends to be raw or way undercooked. So, whenever we bake bread, we tend to use either a disposal pan or a thinner baking pan….

Favorite Go-To Products

When I go to the pantry to find a snack or something for the sweet tooth after dinner, I most likely don’t want to pull out a baking mix. So, I have some favorite go-to products that taste good and tend to satisfy the munchies. **This post contains affiliate links, and as an Amazon Associate,…

Favorite Baking Products

Baking anything gluten-free is difficult. It either tastes really bad or doesn’t bake right. I judge any gluten-free product that I use on how “real” it tastes. Does this taste like regular food, or does it taste gluten-free?I love finding products that actually give you a taste of normalcy. When you give up real food…

Easy Add-in anything Muffins

This recipe is our go-to muffins. Because you can add in any fruit or filling to the recipe. But here is my best tip for this recipe. Whatever you add in, make sure it is something moist. Blueberries work good, banana nut is another good option. Even lemon or apple pie filling are good options….