Hello. I’m Abigail Holmes!

Gluten-intolerant, trying to spread awareness that food allergies are real and need to be taken seriously.

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Welcome to The Starving Hobbit

I have been gluten-intolerant for about three years now. And while I’m getting a handle on the allergy, I’m finding that people don’t get food allergies. And it is annoying, frustrating, and difficult.

Then I had a stroke of genius…Start a blog! But there are a lot of gluten-free blogs out there, what makes mine different?

Well, for starters I keep it real. Many people say they can’t taste the difference between gluten-free and regular food. Or the gluten-free food tastes just fine.

I disagree, there are mega differences, which I will cover here; and I will review and share gluten-free products that work and taste the best.

Recipes are another thing I will be sharing as well. I’ve found different ways for gluten-free food to taste palatable, which my recipes are. I love to make food that tastes as normal as possible.

I will be posting twice a week with either a recipe, product review, or tips and tricks to navigate a tasteless world.

If you would like to talk gluten-free or have any questions, let me know!