Gluten-Free Pizza Time!

Good Evening! Let’s talk pizza!

There are a few gluten-free pizza options. You have cauliflower crusts. Which we just tried today, and discovered that it didn’t taste all that bad. It tasted like garlic bread.

Another favorite gluten-free pizzas that I have tried and liked is Schawn’s gluten-free pepperoni pizza. It is a thin crust, which is not my favorite, but it is not that bad. And we have a local restaurant called Pizza Ranch that has a really good buffalo chicken GF pizza.  

Udi’s also has a really good mini pizza that I love too. But, gluten-free pizza can be a challenge, because a good portion of them have a thin crust, I like mine thick and the pizza loaded with everything. Not just pepperoni.

This is why making your own pizza is the way to go. You can make it any way you want, add the toppings you like, and make it as thick as you want.

We have two favorite pizzas in our house, the first is the loaded one. With everything but the kitchen sink on it, and the other is the Hawaiian pizza.

But first, the loaded one. For the recipes, I won’t use measurements, as you can decide how much of everything you want.

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And for the pizza crust, Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Pizza Crust is the only crust we use.

Ingredients for the Loaded Pizza



Green peppers


Hot sausage


Favorite sauce (we use Paul Newman’s Sockarooni)


Bake your favorite pizza crust according to the instructions, and load ‘er up! Start with the sauce and just start pilling everything on. Baking accordingly.  

Now, a Hawaiian pizza is one of the greatest debates next to chunky or smooth peanut butter. Some think pineapple has no place on pizza, and some think it’s the perfect topping.

For us, we love it. The only ingredient that I think doesn’t belong on pizza is broccoli.

Hawaiian Pizza Ingredients


Canadian bacon


Favorite sauce


Bake just like the loaded pizza.

We usually have a side salad with our pizza, but you don’t have to. Who wants rabbit food with their pizza?

Pizza, to me, is perfect for Friday night and a movie. Turn off the phones, shut the world out for a while, have a large slice of pizza and turn on your favorite movie.

Sounds perfect to me!

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