The Heart of the Home – My Gluten-Free Pantry

Good Morning!

The first strongest memory I have of the kitchen is the giant farmhouse kitchen. We rented a house on a cow farm when I was five-years-old. The kitchen was unique, as it had the sink in a closet type room off the kitchen, and then everything else was combined as kitchen and dining.

I remember my mom making dinner, the pot boiling water steaming up the windows and making it muggy.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Food brings everyone together. My brother’s friends knew that they were always welcome at our table. No matter if they were invited or not.

It never changed no matter how many times we moved; our table was always open.

When I was around seven or eight, we moved again and instead of the cows for neighbors, we had four Coast Guard officers. They soon discovered Mom’s table, and they took full advantage of her home cooking.

I remember many a night when our table would be full of both our family of five, plus whoever else happened to stop by.

Without the kitchen, there wouldn’t be a dining room for family and friends to gather and share their day, unload a burden, make a memory, blow out the candles, or simply gather and give thanks.

The beating heart of the kitchen is the same heart I want to share on here; food with heart. Food that brings everyone together.

My goal of this blog is not only to spread awareness of the struggles of the gluten allergy, but to also share the heart of my kitchen.

My kitchen is in a house, that is built in the country fields of Wisconsin. I live in a very small town, called a village, where everyone is connected in some shape or form.

You are either related (family generations have lived here since the village founding in 1854) or you have connections to the three main farm-related business that employs half the town. Wisconsin runs on small businesses and farms, and it’s where I’ve called home for over 15 years.

The style of cooking has changed since our move here from Oregon. We once ate a myriad of seafood, but now it is farm to table.

The recipes that I share here come directly from my country kitchen. Though they have been modified to accommodate my gluten-free life.

I only “advertise” and promote products that I have tested and approved. Products that I know make the gluten-free life just a little easier and better-tasting.

I am an Amazon associate, which means if you purchase one or more of these products via my links, I earn a small commission or percentage with no strings attached to you.

And you may say, well I buy all my gluten-free products from the local store, but if you buy on Amazon, you are buying in bulk, which in the long run, might save you money. Instead of buying one bag of flour, and running out, you can buy four bags and be stocked up for a while.

Not only that but in this day and age of empty shelves and panic, ordering online tends to be just a little easier. 

If you do purchase something, that would make mama very happy! Any income helps keep this site running and keeps me from the soup line…just kidding! But you get the idea.


In my kitchen, you will find a pantry filled with my gluten-free essentials. These items I always keep on hand and in stock.

**This post contains affiliate links, and as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. Which means if you make a purchase through my links, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. This helps cover the many costs of running this site and allows me to make a small income. Thank you!

Such as

Gluten-Free Oreos

Back in November, I read that Oreo was coming out with a gluten-free option. I was beyond excited! A couple of weeks back I walked into the cookie aisle at Walmart and I heard the clouds open and the angels singing…there they were!

And then I tasted them…I thought for sure I was tasting a regular Oreo, I panicked and read in the ingredients, sure enough, they were safe! From that day, these Oreos have a permanent spot in my pantry.

Bob’s Red Mill 1-1 Flour

From baking to cooking, this is our flour. One thing to note about gluten-free flour is that some don’t come with xanthan gum in it. Without xanthan gum, your products won’t bake or cook properly.

You can buy xanthan gum; Bob’s Red Mill does carry it. But this flour has xanthan gum in it, so there is no need to add it.

Argo baking powder

There is often a reason why certain products say made with real ingredients! Because so much of food products nowadays are made with genetically modified ingredients. You have to pay attention to the ingredient labels because you never know what is in them.

Did you know certain baking powders have aluminum is it? Do you really want your family to eat metal? The only baking powder we use is the Argo brand, as it is free of aluminum.

Aleia’s Gluten Free Italian Bread Crumbs

Finding seasoned bread crumbs can be a challenge, the one brand we used to use was unseasoned and we had to add in our own seasoning. And while that is not a pain in any way, is it just nice to have some Italian bread crumbs on hand for such recipes.

Nature’s Eats Blanched Almond Flour

This is the only flour we use when making cookies. We have discovered, that if you want to make a good chocolate chip cookie or any cookie for that matter. Use almond flour. It gives the cookie a much better taste.

Paul Newman’s spaghetti sauce

Going along with the foreign ingredients in food, did you know a good portion of spaghetti sauces have sugar in them?

Some sauces can have up to 10 grams of sugar in sauces; while that may not seem like much, a spaghetti sauce is no place for a sugary substance. And I say substance because you don’t know what type or kind of sugar they are using, one company actually uses corn syrup in their sauces.

This is why we only use Paul Newman’s spaghetti sauces, Sockarooni being a favorite. None of his sauces have sugar in them and of course they are gluten free. Nothing but natural ingredients.

Well, there ya have it…Some of my gluten-free essentials pantry, and the heart of my kitchen.

What’s in your pantry?

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