Favorite Go-To Products

When I go to the pantry to find a snack or something for the sweet tooth after dinner, I most likely don’t want to pull out a baking mix.

So, I have some favorite go-to products that taste good and tend to satisfy the munchies.

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Let’s start with some breakfast items.

Katz Donuts

I will never forget the day that I tasted Katz gluten-free donuts. It was as if the clouds opened up, the angels started singing, and there was a new meaning to life!

As a kid, I loved the mini cinnamon donut holes at the fair. It was my favorite food at the fair. When I ate Katz’s mini cinnamon donut, it was like stepping back into my childhood.

These donuts are amazing! They taste normal, for one. And they are light, and you would never know that they are gluten-free.

They even have fritters that are good too!

Kind Granola Bar

I have tried many gluten-free granola bars, some stuck to my teeth, some looked like road-kill in a granola bar, and some scarred me for life.

Kind gave me back some hope that granola bars can be gluten-free and taste good.

These are my favorite. Soft and chewy, and all around the best snack for any day. They also come in other flavors, but the chocolate is my favorite.

Good Thins Crackers

My favorite go-to snack is cheese and crackers. Living in Wisconsin, I have my pick of any cheese you could dream of. And I live just a few miles from two cheese factories.

But where to find a good cracker? For a while, my go-to cracker was Blue Diamond Gluten Free Nut & Rice Crackers. But then we tried Good Thins crackers, and well…I’ve changed my cracker religion.

Not only are they cheaper in the store, but they don’t sound like you are chewing bricks as it did with the Blue Diamond ones.

Snyder’s of Hanover Gluten Free Pretzel Sticks

The next best thing to crackers is pretzels. And these are the best ones that we have found so far.

Tate’s Bake Shop Thin & Crispy Cookies

I can’t say enough for these cookies. They are so good! We have certain products that we always have in our pantry, this is one of them. These cookies are like potato chips, you can’t just have one.

These, by far, has been our biggest find in gluten-free land.

Ronzoni Gluten Free Pasta

Speaking of pantry stockers, this is another item we always keep on hand. We have gone through trial after trial and error to find a decent tasting pasta.

Anything Ronzoni is our go-to pasta for any day of the week.

So, there are some of my must have gluten-free snacks and pantry stockers. More to come!

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