Welcome to the Starving Hobbit

First post of a brand-new blog! No pressure there. Well, I guess the best way to start is an introduction.

My name is Abigail Holmes, I live in the Dairyland state of Wisconsin, in the middle of the country.

I am surrounded by cheese, which is why some days I am glad I’m gluten intolerant and not lactose intolerant. 

I’ve been gluten intolerant for about three years now and it stinks. A royal pain. So far I have discovered gluten-free foods don’t taste all that good. Shocking I know.

This is why I wanted to start this blog. To first, bring awareness to people that food allergies are real, and no we can’t “cheat” for a day. And second, to talk about the gluten-free world in the most honest way possible.

But, before I go on, why the starving Hobbit? Well, first, I hope you know what a Hobbit is. They are very short people from J.R.R Tolkien’s The Hobbit. Being short, and a Hobbit fan, I knew the name fit for this blog. Because Hobbits love their food, especially breakfast, and second breakfast. And if a Hobbit can’t have their breakfast or food, they starve, and voila! The Starving Hobbit!!

Gluten-free foods, sometimes, do not satisfy. I know what real food tastes like, and overnight it was taken from me. There are times I have a strong craving for something I can’t have. Which again, is the point of this blog. So that other gluten intolerant people can come here and know they are not alone and the struggle is real.

As I’ve said, this blog will be honest. I will review gluten-free foods, share tips, and my favorite products, plus recipes, and more!

My gluten-free journey was rough at first. Finding alternatives was difficult, figuring out how to bake with GF flour, and finding gluten-free stuff that tastes somewhat normal.

My schedule will be posting twice a week. I have already posted some recipes, so you can go check them out!

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